She was born in Shusha on September, 3 1893. Her maiden name was Gadzhigasanova (if I am not mistaken). According to her Russian documents, her nationality was marked as Tyurchanka.
At a very early age, she lost both of her parents, moved into her aunt’s (Hamida Khanum Javanshir-Mamedguluzadeh, close relative of the great Khurshud Banu Natavan, granddaughter of Panah Khan Javanshir) home and later was sent to St. Nina's school in Baku and she became friends with Anna Allilueva (Stalin's wife's sister) in Baku. There she became friends with Anna Allilueva (Nadezhda's sister & Stalin’s second wife), who later helped her get a job as Stalin’s personal assistant in Moscow (My great-grandma worked there from 1918-1919).
In 1918 Gamer Khanum graduated from Moscow University and became the very first Azeri woman with a medical doctor degree.
In 1919 she moved to Baku and worked as a medical doctor. Later she became Associated Professor and taught at the Baku University.

1. TOMRIS (lived in 7th century B.C.). The daughter of Alp Ar Tuga, the ruler. During her reign the ancient Azerbaijan government of Nassagets’ strengthened and gained a great victory over Kir who was the Persian king.

2. NUSHABA (lived in the second half of 4th century B.C.). She was noble and wise woman – ruler. The great Azerbaijan poet Nizami Ganjavi in his poem “Isgandarname” eulogizes her wisdom and courage.

3. MAHINBANU (lived at the end of 6th and the beginning of 7th century). She was the queen of Albania and had the heiress – Shirin. The vivid characters of these women were depicted in the poem “ Khosrov and Shirin” by Nizami Ganjavi.

4. MOMUNA KHATUN ( date of birth is unknown- died in 1175 in Nakhchivan). The first lady of Atabek’s Government, wife of Shamsaddin Eldagiz. Prominent stateswoman, played great political role during the leadership of her husband and sons: Nasreddin Mohammed Jahan Pahlevan and Mozafereddin Osman Gizil Arslan. The unique mausoleum was built in honor of this wise and influential woman in Nakhchivan in 1186.

5. MEHRIDJAN KHATUN (lived in 13th century Nakhichevan). She was the wife of Uzbek who was the last Khan of the Atabek dynasty. This valiant woman organized the defense of Tabriz in 1225 and struggled against the enemies in alliance with the heads of neighboring states.

6. MAHINBANU SULTANUM KHANUM (14th century). This great woman was the daughter of Shah Ismail the First the ruler of Sefevids dynasty in Azerbaijan. She was famous for kindness, strong will and intelligence.

7. ALEYKA KONULDASH (14th – 15th centuries ). She was the wife of Gara Yosef who was the ruler of Garagoyunly dynasty in Azerbaijan. Alongside with her husband she displayed heroism and courage in the battle with enemies, which took place near Tabriz in 1421.

8. PERIHAN KHANUM (15th century). She was the second daughter of the Shah Ismail the First and wife of Khalilullah the ruler of Shirvanshah. She played a great political role in the life of the government and was a brave and wise woman.

9. SARA KHATUN (15th century). She was the mother of Uzun Hasan, the ruler of Aggoyunly government of Azerbaijan. She played a great political and diplomatic role in the life of the state.

10.HEYRAN NISA BEYIM (date of birth is unknown – died in 1579 ). She was the mother of King Abbas the First and Mohammed Khudabendi the rulers of the Safavid dynasty.She displayed courage and heroism in the battle with the Crimean Khan and Ottoman rulers.

11. TUTU BIKA (date of birth unknown – died 1786 in Derbend). She was the fellow - fighter of her husband, the famous Fatali Khan in his struggle for united Azerbaijan.

12. ZARINTAJ HORRATULEYN TAHIRA (was born in the beginning of the 19 century – died in 1852 in Tehran). One of the famous leaders of the popular uprising that broke out in Mazandaran in 1848-1852. She was a brave, wise, freethinking and beautiful woman. This well educated woman wrote poems in Turkish, Persian and Arabic. She was executed by Shah’s order.


13. MESHETI GANJAVI (was born in 1096 – died in 1160). She was a great Azerbaijan poetess. Her well-known rubais of classical oriental poetry entered the treasure house of the World literature. She also was very noble, wise and was invited to the palaces of such great rulers as Sultan Mohammed, Sultan Mahmud and Sultan Sanjar.

14. AGHABEYIM AGHA AGHABAJI (was born in 1780 in Shusha – died in 1832 in Iran). She was a poetess, the daughter of Ibrahim Khan (the Karabakh Khan). She was also very beautiful and wise woman who loved her motherland very much and dedicated to it many poems, which are considered to be among the pearls of the Azerbaijani literature.

15. HEYRAN KHANUM (lived at the end of 18th - in the beginning 19th century).She was born in the family of the Khan Kengerly in Nakhchivan. She was a great poetess, successor of Fizuli literary school. This school is considered to have one of the most profound and wise philosophical ideologies.

16. GONCHABEYIM (was born in 1827 – the year of her death is unknown). She was the daughter of Ehsan Khan, lived in Nakhchivan. She was the author of very beautiful lyrical poems and also was one of the freethinking women of her time.

17. KHURSHUD BANU NATAVAN (was born in 1830 – died in 1897 in Shusha). Natavan was founder and leader of literary houses “Mejlisi Faramushan” (1870) and “Mejlisi Uns” (1872). The original drawings and decorative needle works was made by poetess (a prominent French writer A.Duma, traveling to Caucasus and being on a visit to Natavan took as a gift her work: the tobacco porch embroidered in beads). She is also well known for her cultural and charity activity.

18. FATMA KHANUM KEMINE ( was born in 1840 – died in 1898 in Shusha). She was the eminent poetess, lived and created in Shusha. She contributed approximately five hundreds poems to Azerbaijani treasure house of literature.


19. MINA KHANUM TALISHINSKAYA ( lived in the beginning of 20th century). She was born in aristocratic family. She was the first woman-enlightener of Azerbaijan a noble woman, the member of Caucasian Woman Charitable Society.

20. HAMIDA KHANUM JAVANSHIR-MAMEDGULUZADEH ( born in 1873 in Kakhzirli village – died in Baku). The wife of the great Azerbaijani writer-satirist Jalil Mamedguluzadeh. She was one of the founders of Caucasian Moslem Women Charitable Society, opened the school in Kakhzirli village, took an active part in the public life.

21. ZIBA KHANUM GAJAR - GAIBOVA ( born in 1889 in Tbilisi –died in 1964 in Baku). She was the second daughter of Govar Khanum Ismailova Gajar. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Patriotic Institute, was very intelligent and one of the most active women-enlighteners of the Azerbaijan.

22. NIGAR KHANUM SHIKHLINSKAYA (born in 1870 in Tiflis – died in 1931 Baku). She was the wife of the great Azerbaijani commander-general A. Shikhlinski. During the First World War she was the chairwoman of Woman Committee on rendering medical care. She traveled together with her husband.

23. SAKINA KHANUM AKHUNDZADE ( born in 1865 in Guba – died in 1927 in Baku). She was a teacher and writer. Also she was the first playwright among Azerbaijani women, organizer of theatrical circle in Russian – Moslem girl school. Her plays were performed at the beginning of the 20th century in Azerbaijan stage.

24. KHADIJA KHANUM ALIBEYOVA (born in 1894 in Tiflis – died in 1961 in Shaki ). She graduated from the Russian gymnasium for girls and then entered the Caucasian Olginskaya Institute. She was editor in chief of the first woman magazine “ Ishig” in Azerbaijan issued in 1911 – 1912. Also she wrote many articles on woman rights and education.

25. GOVHAR KHANIM GOYARCHIN ( born in 1887 in Tiflis – died in 1960 in Baku ).She was very intelligent woman -enlightener and was the first professional actress of Azerbaijani theatre.

26. MINA KHANIM MIRZOYEVA ( born in 1892 in Tbilisi – died in 1963, Baku ). She graduated from the Bestujev Institute in St. Petersburg. She was a prominent public figure of woman movement in Azerbaijan.

27. GEYSAR KHANUM KASHIYEVA (born in 1893 in Tiflis – died in 1973 in Baku ). She was the first Azerbaijani woman artist who received special education. Geysar Khanum finished art school in 1906 in Tbilisi and took an active part in cultural life of Azerbaijan.

28. KHADIJA KHANUM GAIBOVA (born in 1893 in Tiflis – died in 1938 in Baku). She was a talented pianist, also the first performer of Azerbaijani mughams on piano. She was one of the initiators of creating Musical School in Azerbaijan.

29. SURAYA KHANUM AGHAOGHLU ( born in 1903 in Shusha – died in 1989 in Istanbul ). She was a prominent public figure, first woman lawyer in the East and the member of International Women Lawyer’s organization. She published the magazine for children “Child’s friend” and organized Woman Society in Turkey.

30. KUBRA ASADULLAYEVA (born in 1901in Baku – died in 1985 in Paris). She was a prominent artist, emigrant. Her works of art were displayed in famous exhibitions of Paris.